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Default 3 weeks with 100.14.19

Hello everybody,
when I saw that 100.14.19 was realised, I installed it immediatly and it made me immidiately happy. The main bug - slow down of the graphic after suspend was fixed. Unfortunately this was first as well as last good news. After few days when I removed my notebook from the docking station I found out that I am not able to switch the screen from external back to notebook. Only reboot helps. I tried it several times, but not, it is not working any more despite the fact that before it was no problem. During the first weekend I discovered another problem. After suspend there is cca 50% chance that resume will be successful. In another 50% the reboot only helps. Before it was also working. And I am not talking about the backlight ....

Has anybody solved any of mentioned problems?
Is there any new realese in near future or it is better to downgrade?



Quadro FX 570M on 2.6.23 in Debian running on T61p
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