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Default Re: What happened to this?

Originally Posted by agentkay
That comparision is nothing but and same quality screenshots can be made with the demo as well as I said previously here:
Agreed. The discrepancies in the choice of comparison pics is pathetic. That imbecile who posted that pic on NeoGAF is a clever liar or moron.

Anyone can take two caps and make it seem like they are different games. Why didn't he try to replicate the situation in the first pic at least - where the motion blur is clearly masking some of the defects.

And then he picks a situation where there is not much lighting to use as a comparison to the first picture. Very deceptive.

Besides, those caps were taken from actual video footage of actual gameplay, so it can look as good. Other people in this thread have mentioned that there's another mode above Very High as well.
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