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Default QX6700 + Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme


I have bought Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme for my QX6700 on a Asus P5B-E Plus. The fan is a Silverstone FM121. The temp. is 38c idle and 48c full load. Isnt it supposed to be lower before you overclock ?
I cant feel any heat on the heatsink at all, so maybe the it has not the correct contact with the CPU, or can the heatsink turn in the wrong direction ?

I have seen alot of screenshots of peoples rig with it on and sometimes the fan turns the way to GFX card and another screenshot the fan turns the way to the harddrives.

I have tried to overclock a little without letting it get to hot, but I cant get it stable on arround 3.2 GB, I have tried Vcore up to 1.4 with multiplier on 12 and FSB 266, have also tried multi on 11 and FSB at 290, doesn it need more volt or ?
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