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Default Re: Blizz removes HW sound acceleration from WoW

Originally Posted by ATI_Dude
Nevertheless HRTF processing will reduce performance on a single core processor compared to DSP rendering or multi-core rendering.
Some, but not much. HRTF only needs a few trig functions to calculate phase adjustment.

Originally Posted by ATI_Dude
I disagree. In terms of accurately positioning sound in a 3D space a surround speaker system can never come close to HRTF. It doesn't matter how many speakers you add, a surround speaker set up can never simulate vertical sound positioning in a convincing way. Aureal, Sensaura, Creative and other have tried, but is just doesn't work .
As far as the vertical plane goes, possibly, but everything else it is just a horrible substitute. The directions it simulates aren't particularly convincing. And most audio you hear is going to be on a horizontal plane.

Originally Posted by ATI_Dude
This is one of the reasons why HRTF algorithms are preferred by scientists and professionals.
Like who?

Originally Posted by ATI_Dude
Regarding differently shaped ear lobes, this problem is relatively easy to overcome. Sensaura has invented a tool called "Virtual Ear". It can be used to tweak their HRTF algorithms according to each individual's ear lobe. I'm sure NASA, USAF and similar organizations use similar tools.
Hmm...I've never heard of that, but I still remain skeptical because I have yet to hear any HRTF setup that sounds anywhere near as convincing as a regular surround setup.
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