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Default GPU gets not utilized (G84)

Im a little bit disappointed about the performance of my new Sparkle Calibre 8600GT graphics board.
Compared to my old 7600GT it renders in some situations even slower!
Through the special display of the Sparkle Card I can watch the temperatures during rendering.(there is a Zalman VF700 mounted on the card, so dont wonder about the cool values, stock is getting much hotter)
(wine .48, nvidia-drivers .19, win 163.x)

Benchmark of CS:Source Stresstest:
7600GT 78fps --->windows 164fps
8600GT 72fps ---->windows 226fps

Selected Tests with 3Dmark03 (8600GT, 7600GT) (8600GT Win, 7600GT Win)
fillrate2: (4393fps, 5015fps) (8864fps, 6404fps)
ragtroll: (35fps, 43fps) (72fps, 53fps)

During that time the temperature of the card rised from 39 C (idle) to 42 C.
For comparsion: the FUR Rendering Benchmark stressed the card to about 50 C and even glxgears was able to do 49 C. Normal rendering seems to be around 46 C.

Also Im creator of:
May you have a look.
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