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Default Re: Crysis turns up nose at quad

Originally Posted by TacoXPS2
Crysis demo is multi-core. I ran windows task manager under performance both cores were at 75% on my E6400 @ stock. I wanted to make sure so I went into BIOS and disabled core 2 and ran the CPU benchmark with rez @ 800x600 all medium settings. I averaged 24 FPS. Then went back and re enabled core 2, ran bench and got 38 FPS. Crysis is obviously using more than 1 core. I'm not sure why everyone thinks its single. I'm sure it doesn't use much resource on a quad, but dual definitely benefits.

Ran test on:
Windows XP SP2: nVidia 7950gt 169.04 drivers: 2 GB DDR2 @ 800: E6400 @ 2.13 Ghz
No one said its not taking advantage of dual-cores .. we are talking about more than 2 cores (i.e. multiple cores or quad).
even with that mentioned , the usage of the second core is pretty minimal in comparsion to some other say UE3 games.
now i know your numbers say more than that , but remember others are using highly clocked dual-cores.

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