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Default Re: HD DVD vs. Bluray - what's the staus?

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
Yeah, everyone was surprised to hear Dreamworks/Paramount moved to HD-DVD exclusive. Rumors that they were paid to become exclusive (I think). Too bad Transformer didn't sell well or even beat Blu-ray best sellers.
yeah right

Despite all the hype about Blu-ray's success, the blockbuster hit from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures, Transformers has had a major success when it comes to both high and regular definition, selling over 100,000 HD DVDs on its first day of release and over 190,000 HD DVDs during its first week. As a result, it has become the best selling high definition title to date in either format for both day one sales and week one sales. This also makes it the best selling HD DVD ever.

Its DVD version has sold 4.5 million units on its debut day, making it also the top selling DVD day-one for the year and its sales figure has so far reached 8.3 million units since its debut. It has even made over $700 million in global box office sales.

As with many other HD releases, this title features a range of web-enabled features than can be accessed from HD DVD players connected to the Internet. So far, over 20% of consumers who bought the Transformers HD DVD have accessed its web-enabled features.

Gaco, just go with HD-DVD
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