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Originally posted by Gator
i got build927. It's very cool, but trust me the game is gonna change so much since then that you dont want my demo. But it has allowed me to determine what upgrades I needed and such, including switching from 8500 to GF4 TI4400. Beleive me I was miserable with UT2k3 + R8500... can you say choppy?!
I have build 927 as well, and all I have is a G2Ultra atm......waiting for NV30.....yay! Anyway, I haven't had much trouble at all with this game, even in it's infancy......there's a few minor glitches in the game, but that was to be's a beta afterall. All around, I'd say, this game sooooooooo rocks! Hehe can't wait for Doom 3 either. Get ready for the next generation of gaming guys...weee!
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