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Default Re: HD DVD vs. Bluray - what's the staus?

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
At this moment, Blu-ray is winning but who knows. Rumors that Warner Brothers' considering moving to Blu-ray only since most of their titles sells more on Blu-ray than HD-DVD. A lot of online sites or retailers drops HD-DVD because Blu-ray sells well. Local BestBuy had expanded Blu-ray while HD-DVD remains the same. Blu-ray has more studio suppoters than HD-DVD.

This holiday, stuff is looking good for Blu-ray. Also keep it in mind, several studios finally get in picture feature on Blu-ray so now HD-DVD isn't only one that has those features. Blu-ray is catching up quickly and offers what HD-DVD is currently offering. I noticed HD-DVD movies price is slightly more than Blu-ray movies... hmm.
The entire post above was FUD and bull****.

1. No one is "winning" yet.

2. These is no "rumor" that WB is moving BD exlusive, unless you cite as a source.

3. BD does *not* sell well. Neither format does. Sales of both are abysmal. BD is .6% of the disc market with HD DVD .4%. That is not "selling well."

4. No one cares about your local Best Buy. At all of mine, HD DVD's shelf space is larger. Irrelevant.

5. BD still lacks a 1.1 player, you get no HD DVD equivalent features without it.

6. Both have about equal support. # of studios is irrelvant. # of titles is what counts.
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