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Default Re: HD DVD vs. Bluray - what's the staus?

Originally Posted by evilchris
The entire post above was FUD and bull****.

1. No one is "winning" yet.

2. These is no "rumor" that WB is moving BD exlusive, unless you cite as a source.

3. BD does *not* sell well. Neither format does. Sales of both are abysmal. BD is .6% of the disc market with HD DVD .4%. That is not "selling well."

4. No one cares about your local Best Buy. At all of mine, HD DVD's shelf space is larger. Irrelevant.

5. BD still lacks a 1.1 player, you get no HD DVD equivalent features without it.

6. Both have about equal support. # of studios is irrelvant. # of titles is what counts.
You didn't read my other post. I posted a link that WB did confirm they're NOT going to go on Blu-ray exclusive, therefore there WAS a rumor about WB on Blu-ray exclusive. isn't only source, other sites reported that rumor.

I didn't say my local BestBuy means it apply to all BestBuy.

There is Blu-ray Profile 1.1 player coming from Panasonic, and PS3 is getting it via firmwire update. In matter of time, Blu-ray will catch up which I said in previous post.

It's matter of opinion and I say Blu-ray seems to be winning if not by large margin. It's ok if you disagree. I like HD-DVD, my brother has the player. But I have PS3 and can't afford HD-DVD player so Blu-ray is only choice for me.

For me, # of studios backing up a format is important to me. Maybe not to you.

Abysmal or not, Blu-ray seems to have the edge in sale records so I say Blu-ray sells well. (I never said it sells better than DVD or whatever, if that's what you were trying to say.)

Again its matter of opinions. But don't act like you're God of HD or something because you're not.
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