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Default Whats with the eliteness I see in wow these days?

Has it gotten worse?
Has it always been so bad?

You all the know the people Im talking about right?
The players who think, that just because they have a level 70 charcter all of a suden are god almighty and are 6ft tall and bulletproof (well online anyway)

They belittle people that ask a totally well founded question in general chat and call anyone that they dont deem to be as elite as they are "noobs"
(God I hate that word)

Do they realise that they are only at a higher level because they have had more play time than the levels below them...and that eventually, everyone will get there if they want to.

I have seen some awesome lower level players and some totally craptastic level 70's.

Nobody is more 'elite" than anyone else..
Its just a game!

So...please treat your fellow players with the respect they deserve and help them out when you can.
Guns dont kill people, Magic missiles do!
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