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Default Re: HD DVD vs. Bluray - what's the staus?

HD DVD is better - same a/v quality, players are less money yet have more features, more interactivity features in hardware and software, ability to have hidef and standard DVD on the same disc which isnt possible on Blu-Ray, and most importantly less intrusive DRM. Blu-Ray's BD+ Advanced Countermeasure DRM allows the running of executable files on your computer & player without your permission if it thinks you are being naughty. Just imagine how much studios like Fox and Sony are going to abuse the hell out of that in the future!

BD may have stayed the course for 2007 due to PS3, but HD DVD has now hit the below $200 pricepoint on standalones. Walmart sold like 100,000 the first weekend of November alone. Also, the rumor about WB moving BD exclusive is humorous. WB recently came out and said it was complete BS. And, if you've been following the HD wars you'd know that if WB went exclusive to either side it would be HD DVD easily. WB have more HD DVD releases in general, their HD DVD releases often have more features than the BD, they have more patents in HD DVD, more WB HD DVDs with lossless tracks compared to WB BDs, Warner authors to HD DVD first and then simply ports it to BD using Microsoft's software, and finally Warner/HD DVD promo group are practically tied at the hip - WB is currently co-sponsoring a Walmart/HD DVD ad push in Canada with them and even let the HD DVD group use footage from the Matrix ("Take the red pill!") to promote HD DVD in recent advertisements. Combine all of the above with the landslide of HD DVD standalones that are being sold now by Walmart and WB would easily go HD DVD exclusive before Blu-Ray; they don't want to depend on gamers for movie sales, and Warner have outright said this.

Long story short, go with HD DVD, its not only the better choice but it also gives intrusive DRM and anti-consumer practices the middle finger.
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