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Default Re: Who will not play Crysis until it runs perfect on VERY HIGH/Ultra?

Originally Posted by eXeraZoR
Who will not play Crysis until it runs perfect on VERY HIGH/Ultra?
Me. And you are not crazy.
I play my games at 1920x1200, not less, so the way I see it, the real release date of Crysis will not be November 16th, but will be the day the new Nvidia Geforce9 Enthusiast card (Nvidia D9E) is released.
Until then, anything Crysis you think you are playing, will be nothing but ... a demo, a preview, a teaser.
C'mon, we have now been waiting for more than 3 years for Crysis.
Why not wait just 3-4 months more? Why spoil it now?
It would be like watching the Transformers movie, for the first time, in 320x240 VCD resolution.
Originally Posted by SH64
IMO its kind of unwise not to play the game just because its not smooth at max settings now. enjoy it now at whats your PC can play smoothly & replay it again when better spec hardware is available.
Crysis has high replayability value btw.
We plan to replay it, yes, but with the Geforce10, in 2009.
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