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Default Re: QX6700 + Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme

Originally Posted by Glitch85
Funny you mention your case I also have the Antec Ninehundred, what direction do you have your fan pointing at ?

BTW when I raise the multi to x11 it goes from the 2.66 to 2.93 and temps only raises 2c.

Those who also have thermalright 120 extreme and the Silverstone FM121 how do you get the fan to be fastened on the heatsink ?
I have my Fan facing the same direction as my Rear Exhaust fan(both Pushing out). Then I have the larger fan ontop on High setting. The biggest mod I did for flow was place my Harddrives in the bottom slots, I then removed the carrier in the Middle slot, fan only left. That increased airflow dramatically.

I am happy with the Case it is just cramped when running SLI.

And as for attaching teh fan, I just manufactured my own. There is no way those retail ones fit!!
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