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Default 7.10 64bit display problem

hi,yesterday i tried to run ubuntu 7.10 64bit as a liveCD but nothing is displayed during the whole process not even the progress bar. Then i tried to run the 32bit 7.10 as a liveCD and it turns out fine. Later i tried the 64bit liveCD again with safe graphic mode but failed to display anything as well...

in desperate, i installed the 7.04 64bit and upgrade to 7.10 64bit,again upon completion of upgrades,nothing is displayed. then i started 7.10 64bit in recovery mode and i type,

init 3

and boom i can finally see my desktop! during tis session, i installed envy script to install the latest driver for my video card and upon completion,i restart and i start ubuntu 7.10 64bit in normal mode. again nothing is displayed...i even tried to reconf my xserver but again failed

now everytime i wanna use my ubuntu,i have to start in recovery mode and type in init 3 to have a is there any way i can start ubuntu in the normal way?

the drivers turns out great and my resolution is correct and i can run compiz fusion...

my spec are:
intel e6600
geforce 8800gtx
650i SLi motherboard

thanks and have a nice day
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