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Default Cant run my RAM at full speed

I recently built a Q6600 system using an Asus P5K-VM mobo. I installed Kingston PC8500 RAM 1066 Speed. (I dont have the part number right now but it is listed in the Mobo manual as approved RAM and alink to it is here ) I have the FSB set to 333 OC'ing it to 3.0Ghz. The Dram Frequency is set to auto.. When I run CPU-Z it tells me the ram is PC6400 (800 Mhz). When I hard code the Dram Frequency to 1066 (as per the motherboard manual ) the system will not boot and it tells me "Overclocking Failed".. I'm a bit confused here.. Will this RAM not work when the FSB is set to 333 and the DRAM Freq set to 1066??
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