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Default Re: Brightness control not working with nVidia driver

Please a solution for this,

I have a sony vaio FZ-21S and have the same problem i have contact with nvidia developer team to get support and it was the answer:

(07 November 2007)
Are you able to change the brightness using the hotkeys on your
notebook? If not, this is likely a known issue that is already being
investigated by our team.

I hope a solution as soon as possible because can't work with ubuntu because this issue (too much bright) but because the post before i think they think it is not so important, what can we do to told him it is very important for us?
- i can't work with the laptop with not too much lights on.
- My battery in windows can be used during 2 hours and half, in linux only 1 hour or less.
- The fn keys for the brightness does not work.

NVidia should think that this is not a simple problem with the computer embedded camera, it is more serious problem.
All new FZ vaios and other brands has the same problem, and much people can't work in linux because of this.
One of the reasons to buy this laptop was the graphics card, but it seems that i was wrong.

Can any NVidia Person told us when this is going to be solve? estimations?
Sony Vaio FZ21S
NVidia 8600GS (without brightness control in Ubuntu)
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