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Unhappy wont install because of kernel

I tried installing the last version of the linux drivers, but it keeps tellin me that there are no kernel interface for my current kernel. It then tries to contact the nvidia download area, and says there are no interfaces to be downloaded for my kernel. It then attempts to build one for my kernel but doesn't find any kernel header files. This is all on a suse 8.2 system. I isntalled it over the internet from their ftp server (, and that is probably why there are no header files in /usr/src/linux where they are supposed to be. Could someone please instruct me on a workaround or a solution. Any help would be highly appreciated.

*edit* i guess i should add my sys info:
256 ram
2.4.20 kernel (with optimizations for the athlon atchitecture...dont ask, thats what the installer said)

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