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Unhappy Problems with my GeForce 8600M GT on Kubuntu on dell inspiron 1520

I' have installed the driver successfully, and works well except the driver only use 1280x800 resolution (native resolution) and no other. No all games and aplications runs well using only the native resolution because performance. If a fullscreen application runs in different resolution than 1280x800, for example 1024x768, the game is GPU is unable to chance resolution, and paint the application in the correct resolution in the center of the screen and the rest of the screen with black. The problem don't happen connecting a external monitor on VGA port. I have knew that some people have similar problems with flat panels using digital ports, like DVI, even in windows. The new nvidia drivers have some problems with flat panels in DVI ports?. Note that the no matter what is written xorg.conf file, I have tryed to put other resolutions in the configuration file, and still have the same problem. This is a driver problem, because the nvidia-setting is unable to recognize the available resolutions of my flat panels, but it can recognize all resolutions of VGA monitors. HELP ME, I wanna play my games on linux!
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