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Default Re: Blizz removes HW sound acceleration from WoW

Originally Posted by ATI_Dude
1. NASA. Aureal Inc., the company behind Aureal 3D, originated from a NASA program.
Well that isn't true. Actually Aureal advertised A3D as having technology that Nasa used, more as a means of hyping their products than anything else. They didn't start from Nasa. And nasa didn't create HRTF either. HRTF was created by SRS labs and then nasa later used the technology as a cheaper, not better, alternative for sound reproduction.

This is an advertising theme that isn't unique to aureal. For example, the so called "space pen" that many claim to have been invented by nasa wasn't invented by nasa, nor is it anything that took a lot of time and effort by some scientific team to create. It was actually invented by somebody in the 40's, and it happened to fit a particular need for nasa, so they used it. There was no intention of it even being a "space pen" during its inception.

Originally Posted by ATI_Dude
2. AM3D and Aalborg University (Denmark) develop HRTF technology for both military and civil aviation.

I'm sure civil and military aviation in most other countries use HRTF technology as well.
Well, for aviation this would make sense, namely because speaker systems aren't as useful or as practical as headphones when it comes to aircraft due to external noise and weight concerns. However for games or any type of theater or home theater applications, this doesn't apply, and the use of normal speakers is only impractical if you simply have a lower budget.

Otherwise if this was the case, it would definitely be common to have headphone setups in higher end theaters where budgets are virtually unlimited when it comes to the soundstage (especially amusement park rides that depend on a theater configuration) rather than speakers.

In fact it would be a lot cheaper to use headphones rather than the kind of speakers they use. They also wouldn't have to insulate the crap out of the walls, and add echo barriers everywhere, which is also very costly.
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