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Default Re: Who will not play Crysis until it runs perfect on VERY HIGH/Ultra?

If they fix the SLI to give at least 80% performance boost, I think "perfect" performance of Crysis could be reached with 2x OC 8800GTX (or 2x the new G92 128SP 8800GTS which will probably OC far better then G80 GTX/Ultra). At least I hope so, as this will be what I will do. If SLi won't give at least 70% more, I will be pissed! That would mean we cannot play Crysis at max in 1680*1050 with reasonable (45-50) and stable fps until mid 2008! (as the D8E in January 2008 will actualy be 2 GPU in SLI).

The optimization was done good for low,mid-end PCs, but bad for hi-end (Quad support?SLI?)!
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