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Default How much would you pay for Crysis?

Just curious about a "what if" scenario. Say EA had a huge manufacturing flaw and all but 1000 copies of Crysis survived. They then decided they would auction off the 1000 copies to the highest bidders. What would be your highest bid...

EA, also says that the people with the 1000 copies will have imbedded serial numbers and would be prosecuted if they leaked these to the net. So there was no way you could pirate the game and no torrents would exist... none, nada, no possible

Ea says they now need to slowly check their manufacturing error to make sure it doesn't happen again and predict they will release more copies by the end of March 2008...

I know this wouldn't happen in reality, but in a "what if" scenario how much would you really pay for a copy? I'm not even sure myself, I may go as high as a few hundred I think, I dunno... think about it...
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