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Angry GeForce 6150 - Fedora 7 & 8 Problems

I recently purchased an ASUS M2NPV-VM with a GeForce 6150 installed on the motherboard. I am using an AMD 64 processor with lots of memory and disk. The idea was to use this system for a graphics project using Fedora 7.

I initially had some problems getting the display to function properly, but found some postings on the Fedora Forum that were helpful in getting my system out of 800x600 screen resolution.

Everything was working well until a few weeks ago. For some reason (after an upgrade) the display reverted back to 800x600 and would not change to anything higher.

I made sure my motherboard BIOS was upgraded to the latest and waited until Fedora 8 was released yesterday. My hope was that the problem had been corrected in the newest release. It has not.

Right now, I am extremely frustrated as I have wasted many hours trying to make this card work when it apparently will not. I'm almost to the point where I will buy a video card from another manufacturer and never purchase an nVidia product again.

While those of us that run some flavor of Linux may not be a big percentage of the PC market, we are usually the ones that also use high end video cards for WOW and other graphics applications.

Any workable solutions to this problem will be greatly appreciated.
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