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Default Re: HD DVD vs. Bluray - what's the staus?

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
Maybe you not read what I said Nielsen sales data released yesterday tracked last week sales ended 4 Nov. Well many people from all forums claimed that Nielsen do and did not cover Walmart and I researched to find out whether or not they track Walmart. I found out from Nielsen/NetRatings that they does track Walmart and I am surprise that they also track ebay.
That pdf you linked is only for impressions, and not sales.
Wal-Mart will provide the sales data only for use by members of the Nielsen In-Store syndicate and only for that program, not broader applications. It has not released sales data to syndicated market-research firms for six years. The company has claimed it wasn't getting as much out of data it received as it was giving up in the way of competitive intelligence.

The Nielsen In-Store service was launched two weeks ago on a limited basis and plans to roll out nationally in early 2008. It will count traffic in stores that are in "compliance" with a media or promotion program and seek to count only unique impressions -- defined as shoppers who actually walk down a particular aisle and have an opportunity to see the media or promotion in place.
Seeing a product, is not the same as buying a product.
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