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Default Re: Crysis FULL released on EA store

When you have it downloaded does it have all files in one exe? Or is it some password locked file? Because if its like the demo was then you can use winrar to open the exe and extract it to the hard drive. Then swap out the install utility from the beta and use it to install the game. You should be able to use your beta key or even the real key to start the install. Use the auth checker found under tools directory. If that doesn't work then you still have all the pak files that are needed you can just put those into your beta/game directory and use the beta/demo exe to load the game. All that would need to be done is to mess with the GameDemo.pak file under libs/ui/ then swap out the menu_startmenu_beta.gfx and swf with the menu_startmenu.gfx swf and the ingame_menu_beta.gfx and swf with the ingame_menu.gfx and swf. This would open all the menus under the demos/beta. This is sort of the method I used to get the LAN option to open under the beta.

I think I'm going to download the preload from the ea store when I get home and see if I can get it to work.
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