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Default Random Lockups on Multi-CPU Systems

Months ago I posted the thread Random freezes on Fedora 7. The overwhelming response from other users has prompted me to start a new thread reflecting consistencies I believe I see within these responses.

This is not exactly a bug report thread; this is a place where people with this problem can compare notes. Please respond if your symptoms match mine.

I have now tried official NVidia drivers on my ASUS laptop on three different Linux flavors with many, many different settings. I have done 64-bit and 32-bit installs on Fedora 7, Sabayon Linux, and Ubuntu. I have switched to Ubuntu full time but my same problem persists.

My hardware specs: ASUS ASMobile Z62JM, NVidia GeForce Go 7300, Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 120GB Harddrive. I run Ububtu Feisty and Windows XP Pro.

I am going to reinstall the NVidia driver (it remains uninstalled when I need to actually get things done) and compile a thorough bug report in the meanwhile and try some various tricks again, though the first time around I tried basically all the ones I could find. I still have hope to fix this problem, but I wanted to get a thread to compile multiple users' problems into one place.


You run a system with the following: multiple processors, Linux, and the official NVidia driver from either an online repo or Removing any one of these factors (i.e. switching to Windows, using nv driver instead of nvidia, using maxcpus=1) fixes the problem.

You constantly have random freeze-ups for no apparently reason: it could be starting GDM, logging in, opening a menu, playing a 3D game, whatever. If you touch it enough times, the system will freeze within a few minutes at most. Every time.

At times, these freeze-ups do go away, and you can see that one processor has been working at 100% for the hang-up period. But most of the time a hard restart is required.

Most of the time your mouse will continue to work but all other windows, displays, and functions stop. No Ctrl-Alt-Backspace possible; etc. Eventually the mouse may stop moving altogether.
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