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Default Re: Crysis SLi Performance Feedback

Originally Posted by [EOCF] Tim
SLI is definitely enabled, cuz the framerates are really good, although in DX10 it is laggy as hell, like when your walking all of the sudden it slows down, but the fps doesn't slow down, it happens literally every second. It's like somebody slows down the whole game for a second, then it's normal again etc etc, Matrix style, DX9 works fine, although the fps still fluctuates way too much with random slowdowns. It's not the mouselag that you get in DX10 when fps is too low, this is the whole world lol.

It crashes with 4Gb Ram though, so I'm playing with 2Gb now. Lets hope the full retail runs like butter and hope we get new drivers next week.
DX10=Vista=SLI Crap in Vista...
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