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Default Re: Whats with the eliteness I see in wow these days?

There's a lot of annoyances on all sides. One is these types you mention. Get on alt, and all of a sudden some figure you have no right to even be there. Go to do a lvl 18 quest and kill some mobs, and they run around with a lvl 35, DoTing up all the mobs, and make it impossible to kill anything. Say something and it's like "so what, I can kill (mobs that are gray to them), better then you so deal with it nub". After I got one of those, I got my lvl 70 hunter, killed a few around them, and when they complained reminded them of my other character with a "this is how it feels".

You can get the same as things move upward also. I've seen some lvl 60+s that did things like get into a UBRS raid, and decide to need roll every BoP. Then when the guild master said something, the person was like "how else am I supposed to make money, unless I can DE and auction all drops". This person got angry when the co-GM needed (and won) an item which was an actual gear upgrade for her, which was equiped straight away; then hearthed out of instance. He also acted rather eliteist around anyone who's char on that realm was lower lvl then his, on grounds "I can run scholo and strat now". Unbeknownst to him, for some, it was an alt char/realm, and some of them have done some "end game". In the end, it's not worth getting into it with them; it'd just be too much drama.

However, there is one thing, when it does come to latter game stuff; a lot of it simply can not be soloed. If some go around treating all others like that, they might eventually find that others simply will not want to have anything to do with them. In that regard, finding groups/raid groups/guilds willing to put up with it, might be difficult for them. But again, no one is obligated to allow themself to be treated like dirt, because someone might feel it's their right. Same occurs in real life also. The bitter old man who barks and snaps at everyone around them, might eventually find themself alone in the world.

However, equally annoying are also the beggers, who stand around town demanding money, demanding instance runs, and demanding rushes on everything. It isn't even the high lvls who get it anymore, as I've even been on a lvl 20 alt before, and had some lvl 2 insist I give them 5 gold "for my skills". Mind you, without mailing money to one's self, 5 g can be close to what that lvl 20 might have in total, especially if they just bought all their lvl 20 skills.
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