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Default Re: Fedora 8 and compiz fusion....

Originally Posted by mooninite
That's perfectly normal and that's exactly what you want.

XGL is not required and you do not want to use it.

XGL was required a long time ago because the nVidia driver did not support the GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap extension. Now it does, so XGL is no longer required.
Ok, if you tell me that is normal is ok

I have another questions...
When I start compiz with:
compiz --replace gconf

I've got this error:
compiz (video) - Warn: No 8 bit GLX pixmap format, disabling YV12 image format

What does it means?

I have another problem too
When I use KDE with compiz enabled and I switch to framebuffer usinf CTRL + ALT + F1 and then return to kde with ALT + F7 kde seems to crash.
I can see only a black screen and I need to kill kde with CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE.

Can you help me please? This is very annoying...
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