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Default Re: Random Lockups on Multi-CPU Systems

I have an HP pavillion m7557c Media Center with a AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 4600+ with an NVidia GeForce 7500 LE. I do not know who made the motherboard. I have experienced this problem on opensuse 10.1, 10.2 and now 10.3. I thought it was an openSuse issue, so when the problem occurred after the much anticipated 10.3 release I decided to give Fedora 7 a try. For three days there were no freezes. Then I loaded the NVidia driver 100.14.19 and within five minutes, the computer froze. The only way out of one of these freezes is to yank the power cord.

I have had this issue with the last three versions of the driver that I have loaded. Where can I get the out-of-box driver that came with the distro? Once I knew it was an NVidia issue, I went back to openSuse 10.3. During an online "upgrade", my working-for-five-days-out-of-box driver was replaced with 100.14.19 and now I am experiencing the freezes again. As a matter of fact, my first attempt at making this post was interrupted with a freeze.

These freezes occur, as you say, at anytime during any given task.
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