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Default V-core Help

I've been trying to reach 1600 fsb /3.6ghz with my E6600 but sofar im stuck @ 1500 fsb/3.375 ghz orthos stable.That was with a vcore of 1.46250 and it booted at 3.6 but froze during xp startup.How much more vcore can it take ?

I have disabled the spread spectrums and so on.
Voltages are:

Cpu vtt= 1.55v
HT = 1.3v
nb = 1.4v
sb = 1.5v

Tried both linked/synced mode and unlinked,no go.I set the ram- timings @ default 5-5-5-15 and in unlinked mode at 800mhz/1.9v

Don't want to fry anything,just curious if i can take it to 3.6 if needed later.Suggestions are welcome.

(Its stable at 3-3.1 on default 1.3250 vcore so having to use so much more for 3.6 surprises me a bit)
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