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Default Re: Blizzard changes arguments wrt game balance questions, when it comes to locks

Son Goku,

I don't (personally) think any objective Warlock player who's put in serious time has come to hate fear. Yeah, their are times when it doesn't break, and you can get off those solid 10 second fears while you pummel them with shadow bolts. On the reverse side, it gets trinketed or canceled by one of the many abilities most classes have to counter it.. or, fear breaks early and you get whooped.

Problem is, as annoying as fear is, what else do Warlocks have?

even our "snare" -Curse of exhaustion- is talent trainable only, slows by movement by 30%, and takes up a curse slow which could more often be better used for something like Curse of Tongues or Curse of Agony..

We've got Death Coil, which everyone hates and people make up ridiculously **** about, like that it crits and heals for thousands.

In the end, when I'm playing my other classes I don't find warlocks to be any worse than any other class. Fear is annoying since you run around like an idiot, but otherwise, get in their face and lock em down.

sorry for the rambling post. Its late..
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