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Default Re: Help installing 100.14.19 on Ubuntu 7.10

Originally Posted by pvdeynse
under Ubuntu 7.10, use the "synaptic package manager" and install package "nvidia-glx-new" afterwards, to enable the driver, run "sudo nvidia-glx-config enable" from a terminal window. Restart your PC
this above procedure did install nvidia 100.14.19
I did the above and when i go to Screens and Graphics it still says I am using the VESA Driver. Also my xorg.conf has to use VESA driver.

any time I change it to use the NVIDIA driver it will not use it at all. I get a screen on reboot that says in low graphics mode selet correct driver.

If i can get it to use the NV or NVIDA driver then i only get 800x600 resolution.

I am on UBUNTU 7.10 and have a PNY GeForce 7600 GS.

any suggestions on how to make it use the NVIDIA drivers?

yes i enabled the restricted driver via the GUI (system, admin, restricted drivers)
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