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Default Re: Crysis Single Player Demo Feedback Thread

About the full game

Just clocked the game.. took me 6 hours on Delta mode (hardest?)

Not one part of the game i didnt enjoy tbh.

Really nice storyline, cool levels (loved the leadup to the first alien discovery in the dig site).

Cool graphics as all know.. But what i think this game does so well is atmosphere. It really had that sense of "wow cool" and "can't wait to see what happens over this hill" feeling throughout, i was itching to see the aliens too. (im a sci-fi nerd), Laughing

It ran ok for me on High settings, 1024 res 8800GTS.

(average of 40 fps, lowest was 15 in huge congested areas)

Anyhow, really good and lived up to 99% of the hype Smile
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