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Cool Re: NVidia binary driver wrongly has been displaying 50Hz since 9xxx drivers

so the issue here is:

1. a default for an option reports ids instead of hz values for refresh rate, this fixes multiple monitors using metamodes etc.
2. semi-advanced single monitor users (not the "What is a refresh rate?" crowd) go to their distro's (ubuntu for example) display configuration program, and see 50hz or 51hz instead of 75 / 60...
3. those same users press the button on their OSD and see the problem is only cosmetic... however they dutifully submit a bug report to their distro.
4. the distro maintainers suggest to submit a bug report to NVidia
5. upon searching for an existing bug report, they find a discussion as such and are confused if it's a bug or a feature...
6. everyone argues, and nothing is changed
7. repeat from 2 for every new user that has not read this or other forums.

Who should I go to with this? Ubuntu Launchpad? or should I open a bug report here?


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