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Default Re: Crysis Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Jonelo
The AF is missing in the full game in g80 series . The image quality is pathetic , this game not is the top of graphics of the world . Very very dissapointing, look like the worse game of consoles with the habitual lack of AF , but in a open world with great vision distance . This game need anisotropic filtering, without AF is pathetic .

Some people think that the top in the graphics part is the uber HDR , the mega lighting system and the mega efects in the textures . But NO , we have before a basic feature . No anisotropic filtering = no image of the textures of the world, no realistic image .

Well we have the gameplay part ... but Crysis is sold like the totem of the graphics , the mega ultra uber graphics , and seriously without AF for my is a B serie game in the graphics part . No look better than other games . For example, for my , is worse than COD4 without AF , have better textures , paralax etc, but the textures and effects disappear under the AF lack cloak

Im with ya. COD4 looks soooo much better. I'm uber disappointed with the crap-ass performance that was seen in the demo... it's not any better with retail. I lost interest after the betas. I'm sure the fanboys like Nekrosoft and Jakup will be in soon to post about what a phenomenal game it is, blah blah. The fact of the matter is that this is supposed to be the game of games and its not. Its all hype.
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