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Originally posted by Nv40
my feedback is that is not anymore the site i used to visit ,
to know more about Nvidia news without reading first exactly the THE SAME DISCUSSION , but under Dozens of Anti-Nvidia threads first ,in the Nvidia news section.
Because most of the news these days is negative. Should we just ignore it? Should we[mods] lock and hide all threads that are anti-nvidia and ban all members who start such threads?

its quite IRONIc how rage3d ,only post in their headlines the positive side of ATI ,the positive news of ATI ONLY and in their FOrums everything is well controlled in benefit for ATi users. here at Nvnews even the moderators and/or ADmins are responsible for the many DIssapointed NVusers with this site. that are Extremely tolerant with ANTi-Nvidia people ,that their only intentions is not to "inform" but to FLame Nvidia users for not using ATI cards .
Rage3D has always been known to me to be a much more biased place, very intolerant of non-fanboy opinions. Maybe that reputation is not deserved, and maybe things are different now. But even it the reputation was deserved...that is not the point.

And you are wrong. Several ATI fanboys who do nothing but start trouble have been banned or warned. We just aren't that quick to ban people here, and I think that tolerance is reflected in our great and diverse community.

You know, there used to be a time when being a video card enthusiast was synonymous with being an nvidia enthusiast. I am one of the few people in these forums who was defending NV30 when it was launched and proved to be a disappointment. You can check threads from that era if you want proof. But enough is enough. It is not forum members, mods, or admins who are dampening enthusiasm for nvidia, it is nvidia's actions and products that are doing it.

Do you not see that many of the ATI fanboys(sure they may be different now, some old ones left, some became more reasonable, still others were banned) existed back when nvidia was dominant? But they had no ammunition, although they still ranted. People just ignored them...well, they actually got into flame wars with them =D nvidia is providing the ATI fanboys with ammo this time want to blame someone, blame nvidia.

I am insulted by your post, sir.
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