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Default Re: Crysis Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by conroejoe
Im with ya. COD4 looks soooo much better. I'm uber disappointed with the crap-ass performance that was seen in the demo... it's not any better with retail. I lost interest after the betas. I'm sure the fanboys like Nekrosoft and Jakup will be in soon to post about what a phenomenal game it is, blah blah. The fact of the matter is that this is supposed to be the game of games and its not. Its all hype.
Are you sad because you can't run it on max?

Crysis looks better on high/custom settings than COD 4 does at max, and I can't see how anybody would say otherwise unless they hate tropical settings or prefer low res/low polygon settings with maps the size of a matchbox.

You probably just want to play it on max settings, and can't so you say it sucks.
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