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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

I spent about 20 mins trying to help some guy install Omen the other day..
He tried putting the zip in addons, he downloaded the wrong addon, he unpacked it into /addon/omen/omen, he failed to move the files..
And obviously he denied things 3 times until he finally admitted to the errors as I guessed them..
After 20 mins we both gave up.

Its a simple precedure, download the zip file, unpack it in addons and your done! WTH!!!

Then he was all "you know, I got a lvl70, so Im not a noob".. well, alot of lvl70 are noobs..
then he started bragging about his lvl70 pallys HPs, around 7500 or so.. I have more then that on my rogue..

Then he starts bragging about how big his guild is, whereupon he starts nagging me to come to Karazhan with him since everyone in his guild sucks.
.. some people..
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