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Default Best way to find an HD TV deal?

I guess the title says it. I am looking to buy a 65" or > DLP projection HD TV. What is the best way to find a great deal?

Costco has a Mitsubishi 65" 1080P with stand for $1799. I think I should jump on it. I cant really find any reviews on the TV though. Checking at AVS it sounds like this is a TV that was just made for Costco. I am stuck and work and I dont have the model number with me. Looking at any other 65" TV's they are $2,000+ (with no stand). Does Mitsubishi make any crappy TV's?

The only complaints at AVS was lack of connections. It has 2 HDMI and 2 composite which I feel is more than plenty for me. I only use 1 HDMI and 1 composite on my current TV.

Should I wait until black friday? I seem to recall some deals last year where you buy a TV and get a free sound system (which I also need btw).

The more I type the more I realize how much help I need. Is there a noob HD guide out there somewhere? What is the best method to hook up my audio from my Toshiba A2 to a audio system?

Sorry for all the questions. I just really need some help on some of the basics.

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