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Default Re: Crysis FULL released on EA store

Originally Posted by Armed_Baboon
If you've already paid for the game, why not grab a pirate copy and play it now?

Exactly. You've already paid for it. So why not? They got their money and you get your game.

So far I'm about 2 hours in and it's just more of the same from the demo... run, cloak, shoot, run, cloak, shoot. Pretty mindless. The story from COD4 drove me to want to see what is next. Oh yeah and the AI is ridiculous - you shoot a guy from cover in cloak with a silenced weapon and everyone knows exactly where you are even the guys in boats 2 miles away..ok sure. Pretty lame game, most people will get bored fast with it. At least TimeShift and HL2 EP2 had puzzles to figure out not just run and gun. COD4 you change personas and get to play with different weapons and locales. This is just jungle and then more jungle so far.
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