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Talking 3dMark - Missing game play.

I thought I try these new drivers and see what 3dmark was like.
Well great graphics but the game play sucks, very repetative and unresponsive. I played for a couple of hours and my score kept changing but not by much.

Now seriously, nearly all the games I play use OpenGL and my current grx card doesn't have pixel shaders. Plus none of the games I'm playing use pixel shaders.
So these drivers don't have any performance effect for me, nor for most people to be honest. Apart from improving your meaningless 3dMark scores on GF3 and Gf4Ti cards, you'll have to wait to get any real benefit from these drivers, by which time another set will have been released.

I did try a real game to test with. My FPS don't seem too different playing SOF2 Online but Q3 was darker, the textures weren't as sharp and the FPS only increased by a 1 or 2. Not exactly a step forward.

The new User Interface is better thou. The Coolbits setting for the AGP settings didn't work for me. The AGP form appears but none of the settings work and most are ghosted.

My Rig:
CPU Pentium 4 2.2Ghz
Mem 256MB DDR
Gfx GeForce 2 Ti 64MB DDR
Snd SB Live! Player 5.1
O/S XP Pro

Waiting for Nv30
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