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Mike knows the purpose of this site/forum...

The admins know.

The newsposters know.

The mods know.

The seniors know.

But many (almost "most") others have become distracted with the hullabaloo that surrounds the gfx card war... and thus have become accustomed to the nature of many of the posts here. I'm not gonna comp[lain about that... it's just an observation.

Sheesh, I average only 2.6 posts a day or something. Why? Cuz:

1. I'm here to help those with "entry level-ish" card questions, mostly pertainig to nvidia cards. And a little HW stuff too...

2. I'm here to obtain advice about the same things.

3. I'm not here to vent about disappointment in a business like nvidia or ati... I work at a business I'm disappointed in (in the same way that yall have probs with ati/nv)... so I don't need to waste my brainspace on "company problems/customer deception"... my heads full enuff...

4. I'm here to have a good time, to make some friends, and to occasionaly joke around in the open forum.

5. Oh yeah, I'm here to moderate on this forum in the hardweare section, and in feedback... more lke "learning how to moderate by watching the other mods ...sittin back and observing..."

6. I'm here to *maybe* benifit the hardware enthusiast community, in any way I can.

7. I'm not here to cry foul... maybe there should be a site called ...

This post is not intended to inflame anyone. Just sayin my piece.

I like nvnews and what it's really about.

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