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Default Re: Retail Crysis plays better than DEMO....

Originally Posted by jAkUp
I think the game only uses the additional threads when the game calls it.

Plus, the game is hugely GPU bound anyways so I doubt a CPU will impact it much anyways.
Well thats certainly not what they said...

LegionHardware made some references to this lately but I remember seeing a video where he said these things...

"Over the past few months there have been countless interviews with the people from Crytek about Crysis and 'Cervat Yerli' has made a few claims that we wanted to look into. First of all he claimed that upgrading to a quad-core processor would be essential and this had quite a few gamers madly chasing after Q6600 processors. From what we have seen based purely on this single-player game, is that quad-core processors will make little to no difference at all.

Cervat Yerli also claimed that Crysis is a very CPU bound game rather than GPU bound. This is interesting since we found the complete opposite, Crysis is very much GPU bound and any Core 2 Duo processor and probably even any Athlon64 X2 processor for that matter will handle Crysis very well. So at this stage we do not believe quad-core processors are a necessity and we also do not believe you will need to upgrade to the latest and greatest Core 2 processor."
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