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Default Xvmc on a Linux HTPC/8400 gs

I guess I should of researched this combo before I got into it(abit NF-M2S) and 8400gs for HDTV out

just found out today the 8xxx cards do not support Xvmc under linux on these cards , what I like to know is the driver support close to happening or to long to wait and I need to look into the 7xxx cards

I am going to get a abit an-m2HD , it has the 7050 gpu and I want to end with with the hdmi and 2 dvi's , question which pci-x card matches the 7050 GPU
with 2 DVI's

I am also not happy that I have not found a solution to the image cutoff problem
on my Samsung 4667W dlp
and I have read a lot about that on here

this is on Gutsy
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