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Rage3D has always been known to me to be a much more biased place, very intolerant of non-fanboy opinions. Maybe that reputation is not deserved, and maybe things are different now. But even it the reputation was deserved...that is not the point.
You know I think people forget that anyone who supported ATi were in a constant battle with nearly all the hardweare sites for a little respect. You are now seeing more and more every day the fallout from Nvidia itself having to deal with not being able to have absolute control over what people think. (just my opinion).

Ati fans were mad as hell pretty much all the time becuase of the absolute universal Pro Nvidia Bias. Example.. some minor thing happens on an Ati card and there is internet wide Scoffing.. I can show you Quotes. Whereas Nvidia got pamperd and catered to at nearly every turn.

Now to be sure overall ATi was not a force to be reconed with, nor had they contributed a whole lot to the industry for a long time. So Nvidia does deserve some credit for Driving things forward the way they have. the thing is Times have changed on the Hardware, Software and APi landscape.

Its heading more towards a ballance of power and people need to start accepting that.
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