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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Rage3D has always been known to me to be a much more biased place, very intolerant of non-fanboy opinions. Maybe that reputation is not deserved, and maybe things are different now. But even it the reputation was deserved...that is not the point.
I think you're right, in general the Rage3D forum is a more biased place - Mainly due to a. Only exclusively ATi news being posted on the front page, and b. The sheer amount of traffic stemming from the fact it is the only ATi-centric forum on the Internet means that the fanboy to enthusiast ratio is higher than most other similar sites.

Personally, I think this place is great, I was more than pleasantly suprised at the amount of interesting and objective discussion that goes on here. If it was just fanboy bashing on one side or another, I wouldn't have stuck around and kept posting here.

Keep up the good work!!

Oh, and if you do set up another site... How about
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