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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
My biggest peeve...
When playing my holy pally, people asking me to come heal for them in instances and then getting abused for not being able to heal everyone in a 5 member group when they are very poorly planned and keep just charging into mobs and creating agro and a right damn mess!!

If I would ever get anyone who would critisise my healing abilities in a group quest/instance I would refuse to heal that person at all for awhile, let them die and then ask them if they would like my help or not
Back when I was finishing my hunter's kara attunement, I was able to get shadow labs and durnehold done in my first guild before it broke up. I was able to PuG SV and arch OK, but for the love of gawd, getting BM was a total mess. Not to mention that I spent like 3 days straight, 9 hours each day doing nothing but trying to PuG that, before I asked someone in my first guild (then in one of the top raiding guilds on realm) for help. That went well as he got a healer from his kara team, and a mage to come along and help.

But before then, and before it went so smoothly, I ran into one of those few PuGs when I could finally get a tank and healer together. It ended at the second boss, with the 2 of them practically screaming at each other. The tank was angry and yelling how the healer won't heal him, how dare you, insert all kinds of names. The healer was yelling back how he's out of mana, the person is a complete mana drain, how dare you; just as angry. The 2 would just not stop screaming back and forth. A shadow priest (not the healer), whispered me and said the tank is no where near geared well enough for this instance and this is what's going on. But these 2 were yelling and insulting, and it ended with wipe after wipe surrounding that That was days after trying to PuG it to finish attunement.
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