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Default Re: have you ever bought wow gold?

The exact particulars of how they do it, not entirely certain. But no way in hell am I convinced that Blizzard's network is "perfectly secure", when there really is no such things, and corporations and military networks can get broaken into, which makes the news from time to time. Now add to this that Blizzard doesn't even require case sensitive passwords (try it sometime, ignore case while entering your password), doesn't enforce a password experiation time, etc...

Thing is, these gold farmers aren't just solo individuals, but seem larger then that. And the idea that some rather savy hackers might be in their ranks/possible employ? wouldn't surprise me.

This said, a druid in my main's new guild was away for several days, and had their account hacked into also. The background of what they might/might not have done, don't know. But they came back from vacation to find all their alts deleted, an alt at quite low lvl crreated, and their main having logged off in Uldaman. All of their druid's gear, except their tanking gear, was vendored with money gone also. We sorta laughed, and were surprised that the gold farmer woulda kept the tanking gear, but scrapped the DPS/cat form gear, to go farming lowbie instances with.
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