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So if the current drivers and the beta drivers do not support this card under Linux then why on the Nvidia website does it link to them after entering 8800GT and linux in the download drivers selection page? Are Nvidia deliberately misleading their customers ?

I just bought a brand new 8800GT which is still sat in it's box. I checked on the Nvidia website before buying it to make sure linux drivers were available. It says yes, I buy the card, I download them, then I check the forum to see if there are any tips about switching from an Ati card to an Nvidia one and I see this thread....

Should I install the card ? will they work at all with the nvidia binary drivers ? how well do they work with the open source ones ?. I have dual boot with an XP partition just for games but all of my normal computing is with Ubuntu 7.10 using a single monitor and using the TV-out as well.
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